“The Dublin Fire Brigade Act” 1862

Before Dublin Fire Brigade was formally established, municipal brigades in Dublin were not required to attend to fires outside of their boundaries. Churches were required to have their own fire fighting equipment and some of the larger businesses of 19th century Dublin did have their own, such as Powers distillery and the Guinness brewery. With the expansion of Dublin and industry itself fires were common and to address the suburban issue a statute entitled “The Dublin Corporation Fire Brigade Act” of 1862(24&25 Vict.) was introduced. Below is a summary of the first case in which the statute was used in court, disputing the amount of money due for attending to a fire . It involved  James Robert Ingram, the first superintendent of the Dublin Fire Brigade, and without precedent the policy in other cities was cited as a means of ascertaining the amount of insurance payment due.

For more on Ingram see this post by the excellent http://comeheretome.com/

The remarkable and forgotten Captain James Robert Ingram

Also worth looking out for in relation to the Dublin Fire Brigade are talks by the brilliant Las Fallon, who has also published this in the series of Kilmainham Tales:

las fallon kilmainham tales



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