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Dublin restaurant menu from 1907. North Wall Dublin

Just came across this interesting photo of a menu from the North Western Hotel, North Wall Dublin. Included are glimpses into the fine interior and what would have been a very busy terminus in the late 19th century into early 20th century. For your 3 shillings and 6pence you were treated to such delights ranging from Consomme Julienne, Cream Bavaroise and apricots, to pigeon, lamb and sole. Considering it was 1907, I can imagine a recreation of that menu happening in a Dublin eatery of today? I wonder! A fascinating snippet of fine dining of old Dublin.

1907 menu dublin

Pic courtesy of NYPL and for more information on the building history visit here:



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Chadwick’s entrance, Thomas St. Dublin

Quick post about the entrance to Chadwick’s builders providers on Thomas Street. The distinctive archway has been there since the late 19th century and would be known colloquially as Kelly’s timber yard. Before that it was the Dublin city saw mills. Joseph Kelly’s business was prosperous and he owned various plots of land in Dublin. One he sold to businessmen who had returned from America and after buying the land they built what is now “Washington Street” off the South Circular Rd. The premises covers a much older side of Dublin too as it was the site of an old Norman graveyard and it is believed that Ailred the Great/Ailred the Palmer is buried there. Ailred, of viking/ostman decent, built the first hospital of Dublin on the site of John’s Lane church after a visit to the Holy Land inspired him to build a priory and charitable institution. He brought back a palm frond from his trip so was then known as Ailred the Palmer! So next time you’re passing on Thomas St. think of all the hidden histories that are dotted about the hugely historic area.

thomas street chadwicks timber yard dublin irish

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