Footage: 1931 Irish International Grand Prix Phoenix Park

Car enthusiasts will like this footage from the Phoenix Park, which featured grand prix racing over two days in various classes and competing for several trophies such as the “Phoenix Trophy”, “The Saorstat Cup” and “The Eireann Gold Cup”.  The Mountjoy and Gough corners proved particularly tricky and some cars withdrew after practice. A notable participant was Sir Malcolm Campbell who during this period broke various world land speed records. The races took place in June and misty conditions during practice made it difficult for the drivers. Some of the cars involved in the differing c.c. classes of races were the Invicta, M.G. Midget, Austin Seven, Alfa Romeo, Talbot, Maserati, Mercedes, the Riley, and Austin Daimlers. Some names taking part alongside Malcolm Campbell were Henry Birkin, Brian Lewis, William Esplen, Norman Black, C.R. Whitcroft, G.V.B. Cooke and many others. The Saorstat Cup and the Phoenix Trophy went to Norman Black, with Henry Birkin winning the Eireann gold cup. Overall manufacturer winners went to the M.G. Midgets. Trophies were presented later by president William T. Cosgrave.



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