Footage: Dalymount Park 1952 Press V Stage charity soccer match. Mickser Reid, Noel Purcell etc…

Just your average match at Dalymount Park featuring stars of the stage and press also people dressed as Winston Churchill, Stalin, Farouk, Orson Welles among others. This charity match with 33,000 attending was known as “The Crackpots v The Inkblots” and looked like it was great craic! A script of sorts was written by the famous Cecil Sheridan and included many other stars of the time such as Noel Purcell, Jimmy O’Dea and Mickser Reid and Harry Bailey competing for the “Pantomania Cup”, and was played in January 1952. A very inventive wall was built at the press goal by Korean infantry and Dublin Fusiliers 😉  According to reports at the time, names that played from the press and stage(and some from the racing and medical world)  were Jack Cruise, Jack Kirwan, Mick Eustace, Paddy Condon, Karl Mullen, Aubrey Brabazon and Herbert Holmes. Music was provided by the Jimmy Campbell band and the St. James’ Brass and Reed Band. Commentary on the day was by Lorcan Burke and Eddie Byrne. The match raised money for various children’s charities and was an annual event for most of the 1950’s. In 1951 the press summed the type of matches they were: “It had everything…except football”.





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