Dublin Castle Dale Chihuly “Ulysses Cylinders” Exhibition.

Amongst an excellent and varied programme of events at Dublin Castle this summer there is one standout exhibition for me. The display by the renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly in collaboration with Seaver Leslie, Flora C. Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick should prove to be a fascinating array of vibrant and expressive works and a rare opportunity to view such a collection in Ireland. Dale Chihuly has spent some time in Ireland as artist in residence with his team in the Waterford Crystal plant and Lismore Castle in the 1990’s, and it is exciting to hear of this return. The Ulysses Cylinders are all inspired by the seminal work of Joyce and is a project revisited by Chihuly and accentuated by the combination of the talented artists who have worked on the collection. The process of the artform is shown here in this video:

Glass making in Ireland has being carried out for several centuries on a small scale basis but the first evidence of a proper glass works established appears to be from the 1560’s.  Waterford is of course well established as a centre of glass making in Ireland, but in terms of Dublin, works were established in the parish of St. Michan’s in the 1670’s and for many years the area was the principal place of production. Glass merchants were in Mary’s Lane, George’s Hill, Halston Street and later places like Marlborough Street, Abbey Street, Batchelor’s Walk and Ringsend. Here is an old advertisement(1845) for Whyte’s which were based in Marlborough Street and had their works in Ringsend and an illustration of a typical old Irish glass works interior:

glass making whyte marlborough street glass house illustration


For details of the exhibition of the Ulysses Cylinders(Coach house June 19th-Aug23rd) and other events in Dublin Castle the programme is here:


There will also be a display of Dale Chihuly pieces at Solomon fine art on Balfe Street, Dublin 2.



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