Footage: Dublin 1954 Storm damage, flooding of North Strand, Fairview, East Wall…

n December 1954 a relentless storm caused the Liffey, Tolka and Dodder to reach dangerous levels, and led to a state of emergency being announced. Some of the most seriously affected areas of Dublin were the North Strand, East Wall, and in Fairview flooding reached 12ft deep. Many were evacuated or had to be rescued by boat and the army, fire brigade, st. john’s ambulance and red cross all helped in the effort to keep people safe. Ladders were positioned against first floor windows so that people who had to abandon downstairs could be rescued. At the time it was considered the worst storm in many years, and one of the main disruptions was the suspension of the Dublin to Belfast train as a bridge collapsed when the Tolka broke its banks. Many parts of the county(and country of course!) were badly affected with overhead cables broken and severe disruption. One elderly woman was sadly found drowned in her cottage in the North Strand and a young boy also when on his way to work. The severity can be seen in the scenes.


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