Dublin Tenements


Just a simple post as I think the words and pictures sum up a bit of what Dublin tenement life was like. I recall a man describing to me several aspects of the squalor he lived in as a child in Dublin but it was usually accompanied by “sure we didn’t know any different” or “we had nothing but we were happy”. Of course unfortunately many didn’t make it past childhood due to such conditions.

poor dublin2

“Oh yes, I love the Dublin fare,

Where slums lie close behind each square,

We always found some stagnant ditch,

Close by the houses of the rich,

From which through crannies small we crept,

For second course, while mourners wept,

Habitually we discussed,

A helping of the Upper Crust.”

poor dublin

(No exact locations for the pics of Dublin)

Photos: Priests and people in Ireland by Michael McCarthy (1902).


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  1. Andrew Byrne

    And they had no WiFi!!!


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