Ambassador Cinema opening 1954 (Footage)

Below is some footage of the Ambassador cinema opening. The theatre was formerly known as the Rotunda Concert Rooms and had functioned as a theatre and music hall over a couple of hundred years. It was originally built as part of the Rotundo/Rotunda rooms financed with fundraising by Bartholomew Mosse, Dublin lottery funds and taxes on sedan chairs! In changing the function of the venue it was sensitively revamped at the time. The opening night of the cinema took place on Thursday September 1954 and was attended to by the “shaking hand of Dublin”, Lord Mayor Alfie Byrne. The film on show was “Knock on Wood” starring Danny Kaye and Swedish actress Mai Zetterling. Representatives from Paramount pictures travelled over from England for the event and it’s great to see the footage of the night.


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  1. And doomed, like so many others, to die out with the advance of home entertainment. Nice footage from when people had certain ‘standards’!

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