Merchant Traders of Dublin 1792

From linen drapers to watchmakers, seal engravers, stay makers, shoemakers, tallow-chandlers….these were some of the many different trades on the cluttered streets of Dublin in the late 18th Century. The first census of Dublin was still another six years away from the time of this list, and it’s a great insight to the composition of trades evident on most streets about the broader liberties and parts of the north side of the city. Naturally brewing and wine merchants featured heavily and I remember reading before that nearly every second house on James’s Street and Thomas Street having licenses to sell spirits, as most grocers shops were during the period. Haberdashery, silk weaving, skinners and tanners were prominent in the Liberties as we know and here we can see that, detailed with specific house numbers. Such resources are a useful tool to supplement others like Thom’s directory and genealogical repositories in hard copy and online, so I just compiled and separated this into one handy file and I hope people enjoy reading through as much as I do! It’s interesting to see streets listed that are either no longer there or have changed name.  Below is the cover image and beneath that is the full file(not recommended for download on phones with data limits!).


merchant traders of dublin


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