The wake of Wolfe Tone, possibly Thomas Street

Not much investigated but Wolfe Tone was possibly waked at Tom Kennedys Bar number 65 Thomas street. Many locals would know this bar as O’Neills. Wolfe Tone had associations with High Street and of course the Back Lane parliament but it’s an intriguing possibility, given definite associations I’ve researched relating to Fenian meetings held there which included O’Donovan Rossa(More on that element at another stage) John’s lane church was only under construction then, hampered by lack of funding for completion and the fact that many fenians involved in the building of it were arrested. Out the back of the premises is part of the medieval city wall. The address was noted in the glamour of dublin, published in the early part of the 20th century.
65 thomas street



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2 responses to “The wake of Wolfe Tone, possibly Thomas Street

  1. The Irishman report of McManus’s Dublin funeral of Nov 10 186, report Nov 16th, states that Wolfe Tone was waked at the house of his kinsman William Dunbavin in the High Street. I have searched records and William Dunbavin was a tallow-chandler living at 56 High Street listed in 1812 Treble Almanac, and married Katherine Wills from High Street on 21st Jan 1795.

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