The Gravediggers (Kavanagh’s), Prospect Square, Glasnevin.

As bloomsday looms closer again, I’ve crossed another item off the “to-do” list and it’s associated with the most buried man in Dublin 😉 . Many people will descend upon Kavanagh’s, “The Gravediggers”, to mark the burial of the fictional character Paddy Dignam in James Joyce’s Ulysses. The gravediggers is hidden away at the former entrance to Glasnevin cemetery at Prospect Square, a quaint residential area.
The business has been passed down through at least seven generations of Kavanagh’s(Est. 1833) and is a real gem; it’s creaky floors and old furnishings creating a good setting for a pub atmosphere.

Numerous famous Dubliners drank there and the writer Deirdre Purcell and actor Donal McCann both had houses nearby. The pub is featured in ads and also a scene in the film “Quackser fortune has a cousin in the Bronx”, featuring Gene Wilder and Margot Kidder, released in 1970. The interior of the bar certainly hasn’t changed since then and indeed long before that.

The name comes from an old tradition of gravediggers hitting the wall of the pub with soil or their shovels to order a pint. In future I’ll be including it with any visits to Glasnevin and would highly recommmend it. The staff are very friendly and a good pint of plain is served!


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