Nicknames for Dublin Statues and monuments

Recently the sculpture of Anna Livia designed by Eamonn O’Doherty has found a new home facing the Ashling hotel near Heuston station. It reminded me of some of the nicknames for it and others attached to various statues dotted around the city.  The excellent storymap video details some of these funny tags but some I can think of that are not included are:

Anna Livia: the whore in the sewer.

The Monument of Light(yep, real name for the Spire/Spike!): 1. The pin in the bin.  2. The stiffey at the Liffey 3. The stump in the dump 4. The poker near Croker

Molly Malone: 1. The trollop with the scallop. 2 The dish with the fish. 3. The flirt in the skirt.

Patrick Kavanagh: Banal at the canal.

If you think of any not included here or in the video do please contact me and I’ll put them up. Honourable mention to the nickname for the Dublin port tunnel, “the hole to the toll”.


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One response to “Nicknames for Dublin Statues and monuments

  1. Shaun Aisbitt

    Molly Malone = Tart with the cart
    James Joyce = The Pr**k with the stick
    the spike = The nail in the pale
    2 shopping ladies = The hags with the bags

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