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Gilbeys of Thomas Street

Thomas Street has an incredible amount of historic buildings, but sadly some are lost in time or careless planning. Gilbeys had long been leading spirit merchants in England and Ireland. Walter and Albert Gibney were one of the biggest beer and wine suppliers in Dublin in the late 19th century and early 20th. Gilbeys had premises on Talbot St., South Circular Rd, Lower Dorset St., and several other locations around Dublin. Whiskey sales were on the rise in the late 19th century with such names as Powers Distillery on Thomas Street and Jameson on Marrowbone Lane. A big turning point was noted at a general meeting of the Dublin Distillers Company in 1898 when Gilbeys sold 357,501 gallons of Irish whiskey, against 301,876 gallons of Scotch. It was felt that when Dublin whiskey was sold to the public there was great demand and that the people preferred it. 118 Thomas Street was the main supply outlet from 1886 when they opened there. This shopfront is now well hidden behind a seemingly constant changing business premises, and has changed again from this google map pic:




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